Shann Christen, Expert Trichologist


Trichologist, Founder of BioMethod

Shann Christen is a celebrity hair stylist based in Beverly Hills with over 20 years of hair care experience. Early in his career, he realized hair is more than what is visible on the surface. He translated this passion for helping clients restore true hair health into a certification in Trichology — a branch of medical and cosmetic study dedicated to the science of the hair and scalp, including anatomy, growth, and aging.

During his 12 years of advanced studies in Italy, four of which included earning his Trichologist credentials, Shann formed a working relationship with and improved upon the hair care formulas of the award-winning Italian hair and cosmetics manufacturer Mario Zunino & C., established in 1961 following Zunino’s separation from L’Oreal.

Because of their reputation for producing innovative, high-quality products free of synthetic components for the past 50 years, Shann and Zunino collaborated on a ground-breaking product line using “living” ingredients that puts the nutritional needs of hair and scalp first. You know this as BioMethod, which preserves and protects hair’s natural barriers to address hair deficiencies and scalp issues.

At the Shann Christen Studio Salon, Shann provides professional hair analysis and advanced hair treatments for customers who can also easily use the natural drug-free program at home to achieve high levels of success using BioMethod to help treat scalp conditions and hair degradation.

Shop Biomethod's range of hair care products online at or purchase on-site at our salon.

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