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Shann Christen

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At Shann Christen Studio Salon, we take the time to get to know your hair and your hair health to give it what it needs most. Trichologist and Celebrity Stylist Shann Christen has gone beyond the traditional hair training of cosmetic stylist to include extensive education in Trichology, (the scientific study of hair).

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Now specializing in hair and scalp disorders, he offers a variety of services for the treatment of Seborrhea, Alopecia, and more. Our approach to hair care is rooted in the concept that hair is alive and needs daily nutrients, which stretches across not only health care for the hair but in the color process, haircutting, extensions, and chemical services.
We begin with a consultation about your specific hair care wants needs and concerns. This consultation can be as simple as selecting your best color or cut through microscopic and genetic analysis of the hair health and causes of all kinds of hair loss issues.
Our cuts and colors are tailored to bring out your best features as well as to help you achieve the style you’re looking for. Keeping the health and growth of the hair a continued theme through all services performed at the Shann Christen Studio Salon.
Salon Services

Shann Christen


Single color – 135
High/low lights – 150-275
Toner/gloss – 50
Corrective – 300 and up

Shann Christen


Cut – 110
Blow – 59
Red Carpet Blowout – 135
Events – by quote
Add-on blow – 45

Shann Christen


Split-ends – 50
Peat mud Scalp Detox – 65
Lactic Acid/Sweat – 75

Shann Christen


Tack Installation – 200
Custom Order Extension Hair – by quote
Clip-on Extensions – 425 and up

Shann Christen


Tight Scalp treatment – 150
Beaute Avancee treatment – 150
Hair Loss treatment – 280
Men’s hair loss – 180
Laser Session – 45
Microscopic Analysis – 300

Shann Christen


Scalp Detox – 750
Beaute Avancee – 750
Hair loss – 1400
Men’s Hairloss – 900
Laser Sessions - 225