Basic Hair Biology

Shann Christen

Hair Begins As A Living Follicle In The Scalp

  • We are born with all of the follicles we will ever have. There are about 100,000 living follicles in our scalp
  • Each follicle produces a single hair1 that grows about 6 inches per year2 and is replaced by a new one that forces the old one out3
  • Each hair follicle has its own blood, nerve and muscle supply

Does Your Hair Survive It’s Natural Lifespan? What we know about hair

  • Anagen Phase: Birthing stage of hair that lasts for weeks to months.
  • Categen Phase: Living stage of hair that lasts up to 6 years.
  • Telegen Phase: Hair has essentially died, but stays in the scalp until another Anagen hair is generated and forces it out.
Shann Christen
Shann Christen

Conditions That Interrupt The Lifespan Of The Hair

  • Congested scalp
  • Sweat
  • Aging
  • Dandruff
  • Overexposure to sun
  • Sebum1 build up in the follicle
  • Metabolic and hormonal imbalances & Genetics or autoimmune health issues
  • Hair Is Alive! Hair is alive throughout its base, where it is a part of the living body.
  • To thrive and maintain its health, hair requires proper nutrition, and the scalp needs proper maintenance.
  • Products and protocol were developed to address these needs.
  • Results start with a Rediscovery of Shampooing: the simple, self-applied, simultaneous application of its foundational dual shampoo treatment.
  • Protocols are personalized to supply nutrients to hair and scalp needed to live a healthy existence throughout the hair’s entire lifespan.