BioMethod is a complete nutritional health care system for the hair and scalp.

If you struggle with hair loss, hair thinning, hair damage, lack of volume, or simply want to boost the health of your scalp and existing hair, BioMethod is the pioneering approach to hair care and the empowering range of products for you.

BioMethod is hair care evolved. Rooted in Trichology - the science of hair and scalp biology - and recognizing that only by understanding and working in concert with our bodies can we grow and maintain truly healthy, beautiful hair, the BioMethod line offers what no other hair care line can: meticulously developed, biologically-backed, all-natural products that nourish hair and revitalize the scalp to enable successful hair growth.

With BioMethod, shinier, softer, healthier, more beautiful hair has never been simpler to achieve.

The number of people seeking treatment for hair thinning and loss tripled between 2007 and 2018. And it’s not just a problem men face: more than 40% of women experience visible hair loss by the time they’re 40. Your hair needs expert care like never before.

BioMethod’s approach is a revolutionary new concept in hair care that treats hair as part of the living body, putting its nutritional needs first with safe, effective, and proper cleansing.

Hair problems begin in the sebaceous glands within the scalp. These glands secrete sebum (commonly known as “Natural Hair Oils”) that coat hair and the scalp. These natural oils are mistakenly thought to have hydrating and moisturizing properties, however, we now know this is not true. Current research indicates that the Hydrolipidic Film (sebum) is the hair and scalp’s first layer of defense against harmful bacteria. The purpose of sebum is to trap dirt, debris, toxins, free radicals, and bacteria before any of it reaches the scalp and deteriorates hair and stunts growth. Even though the Hydrolipidic Film (sebum) is vital to hair and scalp health, it is important to regularly cleanse this from the hair and scalp to remove the trapped debris, thus maintaining optimal hair growth.

Traditional shampoos aggressively remove sebum build-up in hair. This strips hair of essential minerals and trace elements, damages the protective layer, dries out the hair, and ultimately contributes to hair loss. This phenomenon resulted in the widely held belief that the less you wash your hair, the healthier it is. Wrong. There is no science to support that notion. On the contrary, research conducted over the past 10 years has universally underscored the necessity of washing hair free of sebum daily. In so doing it is crucial that you use products that remove sebum without stripping hair of its necessary nutrients

Hair matters. Aside from being the only accessory we wear every single day, hair is a powerful expression of identity, a driver or destroyer of self-confidence, a symbol of femininity amongst women, and a badge of masculinity amongst men. Our hair matters, and if we don’t pay attention to it, everyone else will.

REVOLUTIONARY New Concept in Hair Care
Works with ALL Hair Types
Treats hair as living body.
Puts nutritional needs of hair first.
Active ingredients offer safe, effective and proper cleansing.