Rediscover Shampooing for The First Time…Again

by Shann Christen August 01, 2018

Shampoo. We use it every day. It’s like regular soap, except for the hair, and if we want our hair to look good we’d better use good shampoo. That’s basically all there is to know, right?


Shampoo isn’t just a cleansing agent. In fact, shampoo isn’t even a thing. It’s something you do, not something you have – a verb, not a noun.  Let’s get down to the root of it so we can have a better understanding of how and why shampooingis so important…

The word shampoo derives from the Sanskrit root verb capayati, (pronounced (cap-eye-YACHT-ee) which means “to soothe.” We do use cleansers to shampoo our scalp free of the hydrolipidic film that traps the dirt, toxins, free radicals, and pollution that would otherwise enter and harm our body. But we also shampoo to provide a temporary natural replacement for that film that then soothes, protects, and preserves our hair from the very same potentially harmful debris. When a product fails to perform these two functions – cleansing the scalp and replenishing the hair’s protective layer – it leads to buildup. This buildup not only causes damage to the scalp but will eventually lead to hair loss.

To address these issues, BioMethod has developed a revolutionary two-part approach. Énergisant Pro is designed to cleanse the scalp, while Fortifiant Plus is formulated to replenish the hair’s natural protective ability.

BioMethod is changing the way we think about hair, right down to the how and why of shampooing. BioMethod’s natural ingredients safely and effectively remove hydrolipidic film without stripping away the hair’s essential minerals and nutrients.