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Shann Christen | The Story of Shann Christen | BioMethod
About Shann Christen

Facing my own hair loss and frustrated with the endless onslaught of chemical solutions, I eventually had a meeting with a trichologist: a doctor who specializes in hair and scalp health. This meeting not only solved my hair loss issue, but also changed my life forever.

I was so inspired by the results that I dove deep into trichology and continued to study it for 12 years, eventually graduating with a degree in Trichology from Comunicazione e Tecnina per il Business… CTB s.r.l. in Italy. This education has become the foundation of my treatment for hundreds of men and women suffering from alopecia, thinning hair, hair loss, and poor hair and scalp health.

My studies have led me to a unique, yet surprisingly simple approach toward hair treatment and anti-aging techniques.

Contrary to what most people think, hair LIVES! Each and every strand of hair is alive and is a part of the living body. Like the rest of the body, hair has a blood supply, it breathes, it lives, it dies, and it also ages. In order to thrive and maintain its health, hair requires proper nutrition.

As we age and our vital organs require more attention, our body naturally puts the nutrition of our hair last, causing hair to suffer due to the loss of proper hair nutrition. This is a perfectly natural occurrence, however, the appearance of the hair suffers.

Traditional hair care is built on the idea that hair is, and always has been, dead. Traditional treatments focus on the look and feel of healthy hair through synthetic and artificial methods. This approach is outdated, potentially harmful, and has left many feeling hopeless about solutions for hair loss. Most resort to pharmaceutical and chemical treatments to curb the seemingly inevitable loss of hair.

Until now, we have neglected to understand and properly care for one of our most beloved parts of the human body…the hair and the scalp.

BioMethod looks to shift the way we think about hair by offering the first hair care line developed with an emphasis on the nutrition of hair above everything else. Grounded in the simple science of hair and scalp biology, BioMethod supplies the hair with nutrients it needs to live a healthy existence. A combination of years of scientific research and the use of natural “living” ingredients has given birth to a product that not only improves the health of hair, but can also restore hair that was lost.

We are very excited to share our science, our products, and our new way of thinking about hair with the world.

– Shann Christen