Which product is right for me?

We recommend the Énergisant Pro cleansing treatment for hair loss, which works by regulating the sebaceous secretion on the scalp and protecting against the main causes of anomalous hair loss by balancing the DHT hormone and improving the silicone levels. The Fortifiant + cleanser is an anti-aging formula designed for damaged and thinning hair, which works by increasing the keratin production and helping to protect from external pollutants and repairing the damage of internal free-radicals. We recommend pairing the cleanser with the Mineralisante Ampoule. Mineralisante is a remineralising treatment which nourishes and hydrates your hair and enhances its ability to retain moisture, helping the hair to regain its thickness

What is the size of each bottle of cleanser?


Do you have a conditioner?

Yes we do, we will be releasing a conditioner early 2015

Do you have anything available for men?

We will be releasing a scalp treatment for men called 5-Alpha, and Vital for women, in early 2015.

How long until I see results?

Look, I wanna stay real. There are many reasons why you’re losing your hair, which is a determining factor in your time to see results. You should notice a difference in your hair within the first couple of uses, but its crucial to leave the cleansers on for 3 minutes.

How often should I use Mineralisante?

For hair that has been chemically abused and/or is thin, brittle, or breaking – we recommend you use an ampoule 2-3 times per week for 2-3 weeks and then once a week to maintain later. For hair with normal damage or dryness, we recommend you use one ampoule per week.

How often do I use the cleansers

We recommend you wash your hair every day.

Will you be offering any styling products?

Shann has a magic potion for unbelievable styles. It is nothing you’ve ever seen before. Look for its release at the beginning of 2015.

How can I book a consultation with Shann?

If you are in the LA area, you can contact booking at 323-350-6230.

Anything else?

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