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Shann Christen | Conditioner - Shann Christen


Pro18 Hydro Conditioner is a perfect balance between Hydration and Protein repair. Formulated for all hair types, it’s hydrolyzed wheat protein and advanced seracin complex formula, fused with Vitamin E, synergistically combines to effectively balance moisture and strength.

With its advanced Nanotechnology and 18 amino acids, Pro18 assesses the needs of the proteins that make up the structure of the hair, giving it only what it needs, careful not to over-proteinize the hair. Whether your hair is healthy or severely damaged, Pro18 will restore and maintain the strength and flexibility while repairing its natural protective layer and porosity.

Hydro Pro18 increases the hair’s ability to

• retain moisture

• achieve natural volume

• improve smoothness

• have silky texture

• be shiny

Method of Use

After shampooing, apply conditioner on wet hair distributing it evenly with a comb. Rinse properly (if your hair is very dry, leave for a few minutes).

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Mineralizing Hair Lotion for a healthy hairstyle. Its mineral salt-based formula feeds the hair with nourishing and hydrating elements. Over time, minerals from perspiration, hair products and pollution deposit on the scalp and can strangle the roots making hair thin and dull. This creates stress that contracts the blood vessels, affecting the body’s circulatory system that hydrates the hair. Demineralization rids the hair and scalp of these elements keeping hair healthy, nourished and breathing.


Restores hair’s hydro saline balance and ability to retain moisture
Hydrates, repairs, nourishes the hair and scalp
Thickens hair in two weeks


Intensive and effective treatment to hydrate, repair, nourish, and restore lifeless, brittle, and fine hair. Mineralisant is a special healthy treatment against stress, perspiration, pollution, and free-radicals.

It contains TRACE-ELEMENTS of sea origin, which give new life and strength to the hair, restoring the natural hydro-saline balance. The mineral salts are very important because they reinforce the chemical bonds between the keratin, water, and other substances of the hair. Scalp and hair become stronger: The hair density increases and the skin is rejuvenated.

Recommended for:
All hair types that are not related to hair loss. Healthy, fragile, strong, weak… this cleanser is the go-to cleanser for everyone’s.

Method of Use

Apply the full content of an ampoule on wet or not full dry hair and complete drying and styling. Use the dropper for hair and scalp treatment.

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